Who we are
  • Innoscience is the largest 8-inch Integrated Device Manufacture (IDM) fully focused on GaN technology in the world. We fully control and own the world-wide largest dedicated 8-inch GaN-on-Si wafers manufacturing capacity. We are a team of experts and passionate people that have the mission to widespread GaN technology in the market by providing best-in-class and reliable devices at the lowest price, which is combined with a high volume capacity and security of supply as required by the industry.

What we do
  • We design, develop and manufacture highly performing and reliable GaN devices for a wide range of applications and voltages (30V-650V). We assure excellent performance, reliability, support, security of supply, large capacity and lowest prices thanks to our large volume capabilities, 8-inch wafer size and advanced high-throughput manufacturing tools. We collaborate with several customers and partners to enable systems and solutions based on GaN technology.

Zhuhai Suzhou Shenzhen


Add: No. 39, Jinyuan 2nd Road, high tech Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong

Tel: 0756-3819888

E-mail: info@innoscience.com


Add: 98 Xinli Road, Lili Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou

Tel: 0756-3819888

E-mail: larry@innoscience.com


Add: 37F & 36F, Office building, Huide building, Mintang Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Tel: +86 18621567976

E-mail: chriske@innoscience.com

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Corporate citizenship

GaN technology is key to reduce the overall energy consumption by making electronics systems more efficient, smarter and smaller. Moreover, GaN devices are also very important to enable more compact, lightweight and efficient electronics for electric vehicles that will thus have longer range and ease their adoption.
Our commitment to citizenship is directly derived from our mission that is making affordable highly performing and reliable GaN technology such that it can be widespread and used in many different applications, therefore, creating a better and less polluted world where energy is not wasted.
We aim to achieve our mission together with our employees, partners and customers while respecting the environment where we manufacture Innoscience’s GaN technology.
Obviously, we are aware that this cannot be achieved in a day and it requires Innoscience to steadily and positively grow over a long period of time to make our mission happening. Such long term grow can only be achieved by creating a company environment where employees feel part of a family, where they feel that what they do contribute to Innoscience mission and they are proud to be part of it. Over the past years, Dr. Luo (Chairman) and Mr. Son (CEO) have been devoting to create such company spirit and will keep investing in its people and enlarge Innoscience family. A long term and steady growth of Innoscience will also be beneficial to our shareholders, employees, customers, partners etc., and everyone that surrounds Innoscience.


At Innoscience we strongly believe in collaboration and partnership. Please reach us out to explore your needs, what we can do together and what Innoscience can do for and with you.
We all want GaN technology to be successful and widespread in the market.
Innoscience today is very proud to partner with:

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Our mission at Innoscience is making affordable GaN technology such that it can be widespread and used in many different applications, therefore, creating a better and less polluted world where energy is not wasted.
To achieve our mission we need passionate and talented people that wants to join Innoscience family and its vibrant positive culture.
Currently we are seeking for the following positions:

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